Tuesday, 20 March 2012

2 RPGs available to Download

A very quick blog:

I've just found out that two classic RPGs (both with suitably silly names) are available to download on PC so I thought I'd let everyone know!

First, which was released yesterday, is Ys: The Oath Felghana. It's a remake of Ys III in 3D and looked amazing on the PSP version released a couple of years ago. It's got a pretty standard plot but the gameplay is brilliant. It's much more action packed then many JRPGs and involves much platforming and button mashing. Great fun. I think that I'm going to wait for it either to come down in price - as things tend to do on Steam - or buy it next month. I'm really looking forward to replaying this game.

The second game, available on GOG, is the under-rated West meets East turn-based RPG, Anachronox. The turn-based combat was an unlikely model for an RPG developed by Ion Storm but it works perfectly well. The characters and story are incredible, the setting is bizarre and epic, and the dialogue is amazing! This is a game which I actually kind of forgot about until today, but I'm really looking forward to re-playing what I remember to be an incredibly fun RPG.  

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