Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dragon's Dogma OXM preview video

From Software's recent forays into the RPG showed that a little Japanese hardcore-ness can do wonders for the traditionally Western open-world fantasy RPG. This video from OXM shows that Capcom's upcoming open-worlder could be similarly invigorating. Seemingly lacking a fast travel option (this of course doesn't discount the obligatory mechanic showing up later in the game), there is an overall sense of danger and atmosphere which, if the Souls games taught us anything, can do wonders when becoming immersed in a game. The presenter's promise of depth to the 'pawn' mechanic also sounds great (if the game manages to deliver). I love the idea that the player will essentially be able to build their own party - if anything this reminds me more of Balders Gate than Elder Scrolls. 

Unlike the Dark Souls, whose open-world was almost wholly inhabited by baddies, Dragon's Dogma looks a tad more human. However I am excited by the idea of a truly challenging world to explore - the woods, while the video shows us little actual exploration, look both inviting and terrifying. Weirdly I'm most excited by the prospect of being caught short and having to run through the pitch black night with zombies on my tracks! Its an exciting propsect for what originally looked like a pretty standard RPG. 

Put simply Dragon's Dogma looks pretty great! Heres the video courtesy of OXM


  1. I'm looking forward to Dragon's Dogma, I think! It just seems like one of those games that could either be great or an absolute disaster. Gameplay is intriguing, but the visuals do look a little dated. We shall see...

    1. yeh I know what you mean, i mean theres no real indication here - in this preview - what form the hand-to-hand combat will take, which is kind of important. I thought that the visuals look alright, but I see what you mean, they don't look too special. Im looking forward to hearing more